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We are a family run business that has been serving your area since 1976.

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Aspen Tree and Turf, LLC is a sister company of Aspen Tree Expert, Co. Inc. While Aspen Tree Expert Co. focuses on pruning and removals, Aspen Tree and Turf focuses on the health of your plants and turf. We offer a full range of tree, shrub and turf services. Our staff of Licensed Tree Experts and Licensed Applicators are committed to providing the best possible care so you can take pride in your lawn and landscape.

Aspen Tree Expert Co., Inc was started in Freehold, NJ at the kitchen table in February of 1976.

Since that time, our involvement in the tree care industry has grown and the business has expanded and moved to Jackson, NJ. Steve Chisholm Sr., President of Aspen, is involved in many aspects of the industry, both in New Jersey and nationally, helping us to gain some notoriety as a prominent force in NJ arboricultural circles. He is a New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert (LTE #248) and is President of the NJ Board of Tree Experts.

A large part of the success of Aspen Tree is due to the fact that our company is truly a family business. Stephen Chisholm, Jr. is a New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert (LTE #330), ISA Certified Arborist, CTSP and is also actively involved in many areas of the industry. Steve is also currently serving as President of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce.

Mark Chisholm is also a New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert (LTE #348). Mark’s involvement is specifically as a top climber at Aspen, and he has represented New Jersey as our state climbing champion at the International Tree Climbing Championships for more than 20 years. Mark is a twenty-time NJ Tree Climbing Champion and three-time World Champion winning his third World title in Chicago in 2010. Mark was World Champion in 1997 and 2001 and had second place finishes in 1996 and 2000. He has appeared at numerous TCI Expos doing climbing demonstrations, and frequently does climbing seminars in New Jersey and around the world. He is also currently the spokesperson for Stihl and Tuefelberger, representing their interests at various seminars and trade shows across the country and overseas.

All three Chisholms are instructors at Cook College and Rutgers University, teaching such topics as Hazardous Tree Identification, Large Tree Pruning, Climbing and Rigging, and Chainsaw Safety. Stephen and Mark also teach short courses with Cornell University Extension Service in New York and The Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia.

The Chisholm men are not the only family members on this “family tree.” Laura Chisholm is the Office Manager and Secretary/Treasurer at Aspen Tree. She is also a NJ Licensed Tree Expert (LTE #343), and President of the NJ Society of Tree Experts. She previously served on the Board of Directors of the NJ Shade Tree Federation. In fact, the Chisholms are the first to have four LTEs in one family in New Jersey. All four are also ISA Certified Arborists, and have each been awarded the prestigious Arborist of the Year award by the Arborist Association of New Jersey. Further family involvement extends to Connie Chisholm, Stephen’s wife, who is the Assistant Office Manager and former secretary for the New Jersey Society of Tree Experts. The next generation recently joined the team when Autumn Chisholm started in the finance department in 2020.

Aspen Tree’s history and involvement in the industry is also evidenced by our “extended family,” which includes six other NJ Licensed Tree Experts, four ISA Certified Arborists, seven Certified Treecare Safety Professionals (CTSP’s), previous Arborist Association of NJ board members, and Arborist of the Year winner Paul Blejwas. Our employees are the most qualified anywhere and are all trained professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise.

We take great pride in our over 45 years of experience and service to an industry we love.

Aspen Tree and Turf TCIA Member
TCIA Accredited Utility Contractor
Aspen Tree and Turf TCIA Accredited Utility Contractor

Meet The Team

Steve Chisholm Jr.

NJ Licensed Tree Expert
A third-generation arborist involved in the family business for over 35 years. Steve is a NJ Licensed Tree Expert, ISA Certified Arborist and NJ Licensed Pesticide Applicator. He has been actively involved in every tree organization in the state for many years and served as President of the NJ Arborist Association, the Society of Commercial Arboriculture, and the NJAISA, and was the NJ Arborist of the Year in 1999. When not at Aspen you can find Steve spending time with family and friends, traveling, touring baseball stadiums, and looking at trees wherever he is.

Rick Rutyna

Plant Healthcare Tech
Rick's passion for plant health care started about 15 years ago. He joined the Aspen Plant Heath Care team in 2019 and with their dedication to education and employee growth, he has grown to be a better Plant Health Care technician. He look forward to providing superior service to Aspen customers for many years to come. When not out caring for customer properties, you can find Rick out fishing or coaching his daughter's softball team.

Chris Brown

Manager of Tree & Turf Division
Chris has been inn lawn and plant healthcare since 1998. He holds a significant amount of lawn healthcare licenses such as; the NJ pesticide license in lawn and tree care, ISA certified arborist and the NJ licensed tree expert. On his off time Chris enjoys family vacations and golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a knowledgeable Arborist?
Trees are living things that require ongoing maintenance and care in order to provide you and your property with the many benefits that trees can supply. Arborists are specially trained and equipped to provide you and your trees with safe and scientifically based tree care. Poorly maintained trees and improper tree care practices can lead to decreased aesthetics and property values as well as increased liabilities and maintenance costs.

Why hire a knowledgeable Arborist?

  • Check for credentials such as licenses and certifications showing a demonstrated level of experience or skill.
  • Memberships in industry associations such as ISA, TCIA, ASCA and NJSCTE demonstrate a willingness to stay current with all of the latest technology and skills.
  • Check for proof of insurance especially liability and workers compensation. This should be provided to you directly from the insurance company to ensure that policies are current and you are covered in case of any mishaps or injuries on the job.
  • When getting estimates, don’t always go with the low bid. The cheapest price may not be the best value. Improper tree care can take years and a larger investment to correct and in some cases may not be correctable.
  • Always get it in writing. A professional arborist is generally too busy to solicit work door to door looking to perform the work on the spot. Request a contract. Read it carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

When should I prune my trees?

This would depend on the objectives you are trying to achieve with your pruning. If it is to remove deadwood for general safety/hazard reduction or to improve tree health, this can be done at any time of the year.

Pruning of any significant live growth more than 10-15% of the crown is best done during the dormant season. Pruning young trees and not waiting until the tree is mature is also critical. This can help establish a good structure, preventing future defects and possible failures.

Small cuts are also less stressful to the tree and close over faster providing less opportunity for insects and disease to gain a foothold.

How often should I prune my trees?

Barring unforeseen weather events like droughts, hurricanes or ice storms, routine maintenance pruning on most species should occur about every three years. This can vary by tree species, proximity to buildings and desired aesthetic objectives.

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Briar Glen
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Milwin Farms
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Palmer Square
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60 Acre Reserve


Borough of Sea Girt
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Upper Freehold Township


Manchester Board of Education
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Sea Girt Elementary
Ocean Gate Board of Education
Monmouth University


Fort Dix
Maguire AFB
Lakehurst Naval Air Station
Naval Weapons Station Earle


First Energy Corp., Jersey Central Power & Light
Freehold Raceway
Metedeconk National Golf Course
New Jersey Manufacturers Ins. Co
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab