Winterization Services for a Healthy Landscape

Deer Eating Fall Lawn

While fall and winter mark the end of the gardening and landscape season for many, there are still some factors to consider when preparing your landscape for the colder months. At Aspen Tree and Turf, we believe that a key contributor to a healthy and vibrant spring landscape is the work done in the fall, […]

The Benefits of Summer Seeding and Core Aeration

Beautiful Lawn

We’re not here to burst your summer bubble, but autumn is right around the corner, and in the lawn care world, waiting until there’s a crisp in the air to schedule your seeding and core aeration is too late. Not only may you run into potential issues on account of mother nature, but you’ll also […]

Summer Patch Disease

Summer Patch disease is a summer disease that causes the death of bluegrass and fine fescue grasses. An easy way to identify this disease is the ‘frogeye’ appearance, as shown in the pictures. This disease will begin to appear when the soil temperatures reach 64 degrees. It is favored by excessive nitrogen, high soil pH, […]

The Deadliest Creature On Earth Is Making It’s Comeback Here In NJ

If you didn’t have to use Deet at least once this weekend, consider yourself lucky. Strap in, because the deadliest creatures on the planet are out and about seeking their next meals. By the way… that’s us. Unfortunately, I’m referring to the nastiest downer that NJ summers have – mosquitoes. I didn’t have ANY mosquito […]

White Pine Weevil

Aspen Tree and Turf White Pine Weevil

The White Pine Weevil is considered the most destructive pest of the eastern White Pine. Although it has other common hosts such as Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway and Serbian Spruce, and sometimes Douglas Fir. This pest is small and rust colored with patches of brown and white scales on the front wings and the adult […]

Southern Pine Beetle

Aspen Tree and Turf Southern Pine Beetle

The Southern Pine Beetle has been observed attacking eastern white pine and pitch pine. It has also been observed infesting Norway spruce in NY and NJ. Adults are dark red/brown to black in color and 1/16 – 1/8” in length. Eggs are white and larvae are crescent-shaped with a dark red/brown head and a white […]

Spotted Lanternfly

Aspen Tree and Turf Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly is a new invasive species to our area. This leafhopper was first discovered in Berks County Pennsylvania in 2014. In a short amount of time the SLF has managed to spread out and is now being consistently spotted in our area. The adult SLF is most often seen with its wings closed giving […]

Cedar Apple Rust

Aspen Tree and Turf Cedar Apple Rust

Like many rusts rosaceous trees and Juniperus species are required for the fungus to complete its life cycle. The fungus primarily infects apple/crabapple, eastern redcedar and Rocky Mountain juniper. However, several other Juniperus species are also susceptible to infection, such as J. chinensis, J. horizontalis and J. communis. The most frequently noted symptom of cedar-apple rust is the bright red-orange-yellow spots that develop on apple/crabapple […]

Redheaded Pine Sawfly

Aspen Tree and Turf Redheaded Pine Sawfly

Newly hatched larvae are white, unspotted, and have a brown or black head. As larvae feed and mature, they develop a red head and two to four rows of brown/black spots on the yellow body. Young larvae eat the outside of the needles, leaving behind brown, straw-like needles, while older larvae consume the entire needle. Birds, […]