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Lawn Care

There are hundreds of diseases that can infect your turf. Some can destroy a lawn in a very short time.Lawns require different types of treatments at different times throughout the year. Our lawn care program is specifically designed for the weather in New Jersey and is always carried out as a hassle-free solution for a more beautiful and weed free lawn. Aspen’s lawn program consists of the following types of treatments:

Aspen Tree and Turf Lawn

The most important part of turf maintenance is fertilization. Fertilizer delivers the nutrients and food the grass needs in order to grow in a healthy fashion and maintain a deep green color.

Weed Control
An important component of any professional lawn care program is expert weed control. Our weed control services start with a careful inspection of your turf to spot unwanted growth early on.

Disease Control
We also offer disease control to treat certain types of fungus that may attack your lawn. We offer preventative programs, as well as curative treatments.

Soil Health
We build a healthy soil through the use of organic matter and beneficial microorganisms, as well as maintain proper soil pH levels with limestone. When pH levels are near neutral, the lawn’s ability to uptake nutrients and use them efficiently dramatically increases.

Red Thread Disease

Red Thread disease is a common turf disease found on ryegrass, fine fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. This disease is prevalent during rainy periods in the spring and early summer. It can also be associated with low nitrogen levels. Red thread disease symptoms appear as circular patches of pink turf, and upon a closer look, it appears that there are pinkish reddish “threads” on the turf. In most cases, with proper fertilization and irrigation, the symptoms will go away in a couple of weeks. In severe cases, a fungicide may be warranted to help with the recovery.

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