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Mosquito, Tick & Deer

We provide services for mosquito, deer, and tick control in Monmouth and Ocean County. Being outdoors should be a safe, fun, and beautiful experience, but sometimes uninvited guests can put a damper on that. Aspen offers programs to control the mosquito, tick and deer population in your yard and protect against damage, irritation and possible health issues. Taking measures before they become a problem could be your best bet in preventing these headaches.

Aspen Tree and Turf Services

Deer damage causes millions of dollars worth of destruction every year. Our all-natural deer control spray repels deer through sense of smell and taste. This repellent is organic and safe for people, pets and children, yet it is highly effective in deterring deer and other animals and works year round to protect your plants from damage.

When most people think of mosquitoes, they think of the itching and skin irritation that comes with them. Although mosquito bites cause discomfort, that is not the only problem you need to be aware of. Mosquitoes can spread a variety of harmful pathogens to you and your family if you are not careful. We spray areas in which mosquitoes like to nest and help you address environments that invite mosquitoes onto your property, such as standing bodies of water. The right team can reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property in one treatment, and you can then go outside without fearing bites.

Aspen provides a highly effective, organic application of ridding your yard of ticks and reducing chances of contracting Lyme Disease. Our methods interrupt the Lyme Disease cycle without harming wildlife, damaging the environment, or threatening the health of your precious pets and family.

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