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Plant Healthcare

Nothing enhances your property like the colorful blossoms of flowers & foliage from trees and ornamental shrubs. Along with your turf, your trees and shrubs are an important part of any property. Not only do they produce natural shade, clean air and even privacy, but also they add exceptional beauty. Surrounding your home or business with healthy, vigorous trees and plants adds value and beauty to your property. Our program is specifically designed to target only those plantings that need protection from specific insects and disease, and treat them when necessary. By caring for plants and trees each season, you’ll be rewarded with the benefits of a beautiful-looking landscape.

Aspen Tree and Turf Healthcare

Our specialist can recommend treatments and changes in maintenance that can eliminate these problems while maximizing the safety and quality of your landscape. Ornamental trees and shrubs can quickly succumb to problems, routine monitoring and timely treatments can protect your landscape investment and reduce expenses.

  • Ph Testing
  • Soil testing
  • Diagnosis
  • Systemic fungicides
  • Low impact applications
  • Tree Injections

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