The Benefits of Summer Seeding and Core Aeration

We’re not here to burst your summer bubble, but autumn is right around the corner, and in the lawn care world, waiting until there’s a crisp in the air to schedule your seeding and core aeration is too late. Not only may you run into potential issues on account of mother nature, but you’ll also miss out on our latest promo! If you schedule your seeding and core aeration with us by August 25th, you’ll receive 15% off! Keep reading to learn more about these service benefits and how we can help.

Why Seed and Aerate?

The grass on your lawn may seem hardier than most of your other plants, but just like all plants, each year, it runs the risk of dying. Since your lawn consists of many grass plants, this can result in dry or barren spots when one of those plants dies. Seeding is necessary to ensure that the dead grass is readily replaced and your turf looks lush for next season’s bloom.

Core aeration is a lawn aeration method that requires using a lawn aerator with hollow tines to remove cores of soil from the lawn, promoting lawn health by reducing soil compaction and thatch buildup. If soil is compacted, the roots of the turf will have a harder time taking in oxygen and nutrients, making it more susceptible to disease or other injury.

Before and After of Lawn

Nature Is on Your Side

By performing these two services together, your lawn is given a full-service maintenance update to promote lawn health. Yet, the most significant recommendation at Aspen Tree and Turf regarding seeding and core aeration is scheduling yours for late summer.

For seeding, late summer is the best time because the warm, softer soil conditions are best for digging and germinating. This is also the time when drier patches of grass in the yard start to become more prevalent, making it clear which areas need special attention. If you wait until fall, the cooler weather can create the conditions to be less than ideal, and the seeds may not germinate as well as they would in the warm soil.

Aeration is also best done during this time of year for similar reasons. Soft and moist soil presents the best conditions because the aerator’s tines work best when the ground is more pliable.

By performing both of these services early enough in the season, you’ll also give your lawn plenty of time to grow and be ready for next season. At Aspen Tree and Turf, we treat every lawn with care and are thorough in ensuring your lawn achieves optimal health. Interested in scheduling your seeding and core aeration with us? Enjoy 15% off when you book by August 25th and use the code TURF15!

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