Winterization Services for a Healthy Landscape

While fall and winter mark the end of the gardening and landscape season for many, there are still some factors to consider when preparing your landscape for the colder months. At Aspen Tree and Turf, we believe that a key contributor to a healthy and vibrant spring landscape is the work done in the fall, so continue reading for our top winterization services to protect and treat today for a healthier outdoor space tomorrow.

Fall Root Feeding

This service is done on trees and shrubs and helps to replenish any lost nutrients they need. Fall is an ideal time for root feeding as root development is more successful during this time, which can aid the plant in sustaining through stressful periods related to drought or insects and disease and creates a strong foundation. We offer fall root feeding through our Plant Healthcare Program and typically begin these treatments in late September and run through the end of November.

Seeding and Core Aeration

While it’s important to seed and aerate your lawn before the weather gets too cold, this is still a popular fall service as it’s a simple offering that can help promote a healthier-looking property in the spring. By seeding and aerating in the fall, you give the turf enough time to grow throughout the season, which can mitigate the risk of bare spots or unhealthy grass and provide a more lush appearance once the weather gets warm. You can learn more about the importance of seeding and aerating in our recent blog.

Winter Deer Protection

According to the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife, white-tailed deer have reached problematic numbers in numerous suburban communities in New Jersey. This is an issue for property owners because, during the spring and summer, deer have abundant food in the woods; however, once the weather turns cool and this food source diminishes, they often come onto properties and feed off of landscape plants such as shrubs and trees. This can significantly harm the tree’s health and will cost you in landscape investments. If deer have fed off your plants in the past, they will likely keep coming back since they’re creatures of habit and typically follow the same feeding patterns. 

While tactics such as wrapping the trees, netting, or floodlights can provide some initial protection, the easiest and most effective solution is to aim for redirection. With our Deer Protection service, we’ll treat the targeted trees and plants with a spray that deters them, so once they feed on those plants, they’ll leave and find another source of food, thus changing their feeding habits and taking them away from your property. Interested in our deer protection services? We just kicked off our winter deer protection promo – save 10% when you sign up from September 25th until November 1st and use the code DEER10.*

Now is the time to care for your lawn in preparation for the winter season and ensure a smoother landscaping season next spring. Contact us to learn more about our services or to get a free quote.

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